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Title: Person-Centered Project Leader- Rochester NY
Job Type: Professional
Online Application: Click Here

Job Summary:

Job Purpose:

Be an ambassador for people who receive services from EPI. Provide support for agency staff working to provide person-centered services and meeting Agency-Wide person centered initiatives.Facilitate planning and implementation of recommendations from Council on Quality in Leadership (CQL).

Skills and Qualifications:

Strong desire to advocate for people we serve Excellent communication skills, including empathy and active listening to facilitate people expressing the reasons behind their goals

Ability to break down ideas into components that are easily understood and operationalized

Ability to identify creative solutions and strategies for resolving multifactorial challenges to help people we serve to work toward their goals

Organization as important as it is necessary to work with people across the agency and locations, managing schedules and needs.

Teamwork:  Works closely, effectively and efficiently in providing support to EPI staff to help move teams closer to person-centered ideals.

Computer Skills:  Familiarity with and facility for basic computer tasks.

Strong meeting facilitation skills

Ability to collect and analyze data preferred.

OPWDD experience preferred

Essential Function:

Be a passionate advocate for the people we serve and demonstrate commitment to people as they work to achieve their goals. Act as a support for staff striving to implement person-centered services. Ensure progress is made on person-centered initiatives and is appropriately documented and communicated. Lead group meetings to facilitate implementing person-centered initiatives. Communicate with our representatives from the Council on Quality in Leadership.

Education and Experience:

Minimum of a Bachelor's Degree in Human Services.

Additional Qualifications:

Must maintain a valid New York State driver's license; a vehicle is required to perform the job Be trained in all required training within 90 days of being hired; maintain current certifications with all required trainings. Must be able to read, write, and speak English.

Epilepsy-Pralid, Inc. Employment Requirements

All Epilepsy-Pralid, Inc. employees must have:
- A valid NYS driver license
- Reliable transportation
- The ability to lift, transfer and move 50 lbs
- A high school diploma or Equivalent.

Apply in person Monday-Friday, 8am-3:30pm.
You may also apply by fax or email.

2 Townline Circle
Rochester, NY 14623
(585) 442-6420
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