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Title: Behavior Specialist $1500 Sign on Bonus-Rochester, N.Y.
Job Type: Clinical
Department: Residential
Online Application: Click Here
Contact Person: Amy Rivera

Job Summary:

Job Purpose: Oversee mental health/mental illness, emotional, and behavioral needs of individuals assigned to caseload.  


• Write behavior support plans, behavior guidelines, and monitoring plans to outline the use of proactive approaches, SCIP-R/PROMOTE personal interventions, restrictions, and/or psychotropic medications used to address behavioral concerns. 

• Write Risk Management Plans as needed for individuals assigned to caseload as needed. Present Risk Management Plans to the Risk Management Committee. 

• Act as a liaison between psychiatrists, counselors, or other mental health professionals and residential/work or day hab team. 

• Update all assigned paperwork as needed; obtain necessary signatures for approval, including parent/guardian and human rights committee when applicable.

• Teach SCIP-R/PROMOTE class and Positive Approaches, as assigned. Upon obtaining certification as an instructor.  

• Attend psychiatry appointments with individuals assigned to caseload as needed. 

• Prepare and bring behavior data and relevant information to psychiatry appointments.

• Maintain contact with mental health counselors for individuals assigned to caseload through regular emails and/or phone calls. 

• Write a behavioral summary of behavior documentation and relevant information for individuals assigned to caseload. 

• Review all behavior support plans and document no less frequently than semi-annually. Include a review and analysis of the frequency, duration, and/or intensity of use of restrictive/intrusive interventions and/or limitations on a person’s rights included in the behavior support plan. 

• Compile behavior data, medication forms, and other required forms to submit to Human Rights Committee as necessary for individuals assigned to caseload. 

• Serve on Human Rights Committee, Informed Consent Committee, as applicable 

• Attend ISP/Life Plan meetings, Clinical Meetings, and staff meetings as needed.

• Attend monthly behavior team meetings.

• Attend admission and pre-admission meetings as assigned. 

• In-service behavior support plans as needed at staff meetings. 

• Complete residential and day hab visits/observations as needed to gather information for behavior support plans and to provide recommendations for staff.

• Provide consultations for individuals not fully supported on a caseload, in order to give recommendations to residential/day hab teams regarding staff supports, individual supports, referrals, or other suggestions. 

• Maintain communication and collaboration with individuals, parents/guardians, residential and work/day hab teams, care coordinators, nurses, and other relevant clinicians and supports. 

• Provide on-call support to direct support staff. 

• Administer assessments/evaluations of mental health status or behavioral concerns; for example, Vineland Behavior Scale, Motivation Assessment Scale, Credibility Assessment, Functional Behavioral Assessment, etc. as needed. 

• Develop and maintain professional competency through attending conferences, seminars, and/or continuing education. 

• Provide all behavior support plans which incorporate a restrictive/intrusive intervention and/or limitation on a person’s rights for review by supervising licensed psychologist.  

Education and Experience:

• Master’s degree in social work, a clinical or treatment field of psychology, applied psychology, or school psychology; OR 

• A National Board certification in behavior analysis (BCBA) and a Master’s degree in behavior analysis, or a field closely related to clinical or community psychology; OR

• A New York State license in mental health counseling; 

• Possesses strong leadership skills as demonstrated by: 

    o Ability to work collaboratively with a multi-disciplinary cross functional team. 

    o Ability to empower teams in plan implementation through education, modeling, and coaching. 

    o Ability to assist in solution building when challenges to recommendation implementation become apparent. 

• Possesses strong assessment skills as demonstrated by: 

    o Utilization of evidenced based methods 

    o Appropriate selection of intervention methodologies based on assessment 

    o Effective use of clinical and administrative supervision aimed at continual clinical development  


• Valid New York State drivers’ license; a vehicle is required to perform the job 

• Must be able to read, write, and speak English  

• Maintain current certifications with all required trainings including but not limited to CPR & First Aid

• Ability to effectively communicate with and promptly respond to individuals EPILEPSY-PRALID, INC serves and staff 

• Ability to read, analyze and interpret policies, procedures, regulations, clinical plans, and individual service plans 

• Ability to write reports, business correspondence, procedure manuals, and other required communications.

• Ability to effectively present information and respond to groups of individuals EPILEPSY-PRALID, INC serves, their families, employees, representatives of oversight agencies, other service providers, and the general public. 

• Ability to solve practical problems and deal with a variety of options in situations where only limited instructions exist. Ability to interpret a variety of instructions.

Epilepsy-Pralid, Inc. Employment Requirements

All Epilepsy-Pralid, Inc. employees must have:
- A valid NYS driver license
- Reliable transportation
- The ability to lift, transfer and move 50 lbs
- A high school diploma or Equivalent.

Apply in person Monday-Friday, 8am-3:30pm.
You may also apply by fax or email.

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Rochester, NY 14623
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