Kelly Scott, Judge

Get Caked
The Village Gate
274 N. Goodman Street
Rochester, NY 14607

Phone: (585) 319-4314


Where are you from and where are you now?

I grew up in Honeoye Falls – Lima, and moved into the city (Rochester) when I was 18. I now live in Irondequoit.

Have you always been a chef/do what your currently do? If not, what else have you done?

I used to work with animals in various capacities (veterinary hospitals, pet stores), and I also used to manage different departments of a chain home improvement store. I started baking professionally in 2008. Now, I am over 10 years into owning and operating my own business, Get Caked Bakery.

What was your introduction to cooking/baking/food?

I always baked with my family during holidays and for birthdays. I really got into it when I was 20, starting classes and getting my kitchen at home inspected.

Where and how did you train? Who did you learn from (apprenticeships, family, friends, etc.)

I learned standard tips and tricks from my family members while growing up, but I learned a lot of decorating techniques at the Michael’s craft store’s cake decorating classes. I also self-taught with videos online. I learned a lot about how to operate my business when attending MCC’s culinary program 2011-2012.

When you are “off the clock” do you like cooking or do you prefer someone else to do it?

I enjoy cooking, but don’t often get the time to be creative with it. I usually need things that are ready within 30-45 minutes and that work with my various dietary restrictions and allergies. I also will bake “off the clock” if I am craving something enough!

What is your favorite thing to bake/dish to make?

I like baking cakes and macarons the most (as opposed to pies or brownies). My favorite thing to cook is anything roasted in the oven.

What is your favorite food to eat? (list more than one if you like)

My favorite is cheese pizza, but I can’t eat that anymore. I settle for a burger and fries!

Is there a chef/business colleague you admire the most? Who and why?

I admire every business owner and head chef I know, because I know how hard it is to give everything to achieve your dream. I know that in order for them to be where they are, they have made big sacrifices to get there. Rochester is rich with determined, hard-working people with dreams of creating their own success. It is a great atmosphere to live in and around, and it inspires me to keep achieving.

Why are you serving as a judge for the 2023 Chocolate Ball? Do you do any other charity work?

I have been baking and decorating cakes professionally for 15 years now, including participating in this very competition for over 8 years in a row! I am beyond excited and honored to be a judge for this wonderful event. I also have personal interest in supporting EPI, as I have family members with a range of neurological disorders, including but not limited to epilepsy and cerebral palsy.

My bakery, Get Caked Bakery, also regularly supports dozens of local organizations and charities, with product and service donations averaging about $10,000 annually.

What’s a fun fact about you that many people might not know?

I love animals and have a pet bird who is older than me!

Anything else you want to tell us?

I am so excited for this new era of EPI and the Chocolate Ball, and I look forward to seeing our impact grow year after year!

Kelly Scott
Get Caked in the Village Gate