Rebecca Wegman

Bec’s Cake Lab

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Where were you born and raised?
I was born and raised in Hamlin, NY.

What was your introduction to cooking/baking?
Both my parents live by a quote from Charles Morse – “What one man can do, another can do.” This way of thinking has gotten me into some pretty unique projects but I am always surprised at what we can end up accomplishing. Cake decorating was no different. When I graduated high school, I wanted this elaborate cake based of the TV show Friends and my mom said “We can do that.” Now, I had been baking with my mom since I was a little girl but this seemed way out of our capabilities. But that didn’t stop her from going to Michaels and purchasing every Wilton cake kit they had and a ton of fondant. We spent hours learning how to make it ourselves. This experience peaked my interest in creative cakes and since I have been learning and slowly crafting my skills.

Where and how did you train?
Most of my cake training has really been self-taught through YouTube, food blogs and TV shows. However, my mom has taught me all of our family recipes and I have worked in a few local bakeries as well.

Have you always been a chef?
I have not always been a chef, in fact I am just starting out in this field. Prior to this, I obtained my master’s degree in biology at University at Buffalo. When I graduated, I felt a calling to try something different. I took some time off and during this time I realized my passion for science and baking could be one in the same. Now, I use my background in science in a new way experimenting in the kitchen.

If you own your own business(s), when did you open and what inspired you to go out on your own??
I am the owner of Bec’s Cake Lab and I started the business in the Fall of 2022. When I switched career paths from biology, I decided that I not only wanted to bake but I wanted to own my own business as well. My parents have actually owned their own business before and I had developed an interest in business I didn’t realize I had.

Where do your recipes come from (i.e., secret family recipes, trial and error, someone else’s inspiration)?
It’s a mixture for sure. We have many good family recipes. But with my background in research, I often do a lot of experimenting to see what I can alter to make the product or process better.

Is there a chef you admire the most? Who and why?
I admire all chefs, because this is not an easy path to choose for sure! One of the famous chefs that I admire though is Duff Goldman. He has this, “anything can be done attitude” that is very inspiring and he always keeps a light-hearted attitude, for which I aspire.

When you’re “off the clock” do you like preparing meals for friends and family or do you prefer someone else to do it?
What I like best is preparing meals together. Most of the meals I make are made with everybody helping out a little. Especially get-togethers. There is something very wholesome about a group of friends coming together, bringing their own favorite dishes to the table, and sharing their stories.

You have a day to eat anything you want. What will your menu look like?
The whole menu would be filled with steak and all sorts of variations of potatoes, especially poutine!

What is your favorite thing to bake?
My family’s apple pie recipe. Every year when I make it for thanksgiving it brings back cherished memories of my grandpa and I in the kitchen as he taught me his secrets to the best apple pie.

What are your best and worst skills?
I have mastered the skill of cake pops. They are finicky little treats and take a lot of time. But I really enjoy making them and seeing how uniquely I can decorate them. As for the worst skill, I am definitely still figuring out fondant, it just loves to dry out and crack.

Is there a handy baking utensil that you absolutely can’t do without?
I would say a good sturdy spatula. Without one, I would probably spend hours trying to get the batter out of bowls and mix everything properly.

Besides baking, what are your other hobbies?
I like crafting, being out in nature and traveling. I love animals too and have many pets including a puppy (Emma), a bunny (Penny) and a veiled chameleon (Leo).