Michelle Toombs

Sweet Tooth Confections

Phone: 585-314-6385

Email: Sweettoothconfections32@gmail.com


Where were you born and raised?
Hornell, NY

What was your introduction to cooking/baking?
Worked side by side with my grandma as a teen

Where and how did you train?
Grandmother/ Self taught

Have you always been a chef?
No, I am a Pediatric Dental Hygienist

If you own your own business(s), when did you open and what inspired you to go out on your own??
2022 with the encouragement of my family

Where do your recipes come from?
Family recipes and trial and error

Is there a chef you admire the most?
I am in awe of a local talent, Melissa Sav. Her creations and flavors are some of my favorites.

When you’re “off the clock” do you like preparing meals for friends and family or do you prefer someone else to do it?
I am inspired to bake everyday but when it comes to meal prep for dinners I would prefer someone else to spearhead that!

You have a day to eat anything you want. What will your menu look like?
Pasta, pasta, pasta. Capped off with peanut butter ice cream for dessert!

What is your favorite thing to bake?
Lunch lady brownies

What are your best and worst skills?
I would love to be a fondant master but it frustrates me. I have mastered the art of the most perfect chocolate chip cookie.

Is there a handy baking utensil that you absolutely can’t do without?
It all comes down to my favorite spatula.

Besides baking, what are your other hobbies?
I can be found at a softball game every weekend cheering 2 daughters who play. Their schedules keep us busy. We have traveled from NJ to Colorado to watch them play.