Celebrate 1 in 26 Day

Epilepsy Alliance of West Central New York, as a founding member of the Epilepsy Alliance America, is proud to celebrate January 26 as 1 in 26 Day which acknowledges the one in 26 Americans who will develop epilepsy during their lifetime.

On this day, we celebrate all of our Epilepsy Warriors who are so much more than their diagnoses.

1 in 26 Graphics

We invite you to download and share one of these graphics on your social media and use the hashtag #1in26day.

I support 1 in 26.
I am 1 in 26.

For more graphic options and more information about 1 in 26 day, visit Epilepsy Alliance America.

I love 1 in 26.
I miss 1 in 26.

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