Newly Diagnosed with Epilepsy or a Seizure Disorder?

Having a child or family member diagnosed with epilepsy can be a scary, isolating time for a family! Know that you are not alone! We have some important resources available on this page for those who have recently received a diagnosis of epilepsy. We encourage you to reach out and talk to one of staff members. Scroll down to book an appointment today.


Our Epilepsy Services staff is available for 15 min to 45 min phone appointments – book an appointment today! We are available to answer questions, connect you with other families, or just listen.


Empower yourself and those in your child’s life! Make sure everyone knows how to respond appropriately to your child’s seizures. EPI staff are available for in-person or virtual seizure recognition and first aid training for:

  • Family members and caregivers
  • Schools – students, classrooms, health classes, teachers, bus drivers, nurses, and other school staff
  • Day care centers
  • and others!

Schedule an appointment above or email to schedule an education session today! We also offer a 60-minute on-demand training through the Epilepsy Alliance America. Click here to learn more & take the training.


You are not alone in your epilepsy journey! Come to one of our support groups to connect with others going through similar challenges.

Rochester Epilepsy Support Group

Our Rochester Epilepsy Support Group meets the first Thursday of the month (except for June & July) at our EPI Offices at 1650 South Ave, Rochester, NY 14620.

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Syracuse Epilepsy Support Group

Our Syracuse Epilepsy Support Group meets the first Thursday of the month (except for June & July) at the Community Library of

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Virtual Epilepsy Support Group

Join us the second Thursday of most months for our virtual Epilepsy Support Group. All who are affected by epilepsy are welcome! Group is held from 6 pm – 7pm on Zoom.

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Black Epilepsy Exchange

Join us the third Thursday of most months for our virtual Black Epilepsy Exchange., a group specifically for families of color affected by epilepsy and seizures. Group is held from 6 pm – 7pm on Zoom.

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Additional Resources for Parents & Schools

Here are some downloadable tools and resources to use at home, at school, at daycare, or camp to help keep your child safe.

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Contact Us

EAWCNY has epilepsy educators focused on providing information and support to children, adults, and families dealing with the challenges of epilepsy. Contact the epilepsy educator in your area if you have questions about epilepsy, seizures or wish to learn more about our services.

Western NY/Finger Lakes/Rochester

Michael Radell
Education Coordinator/Camp Director
Phone: (585) 442-4430 ext. 2741

Central/Syracuse and Southern Tier/Binghamton Regions

Collin Horak
Intake and Education Coordinator
Phone: (315) 477-9777 ext. 2904