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Title: 2023 Statewide Epilepsy Conference
Date Recorded: October 28, 2023
The Epilepsy Coalition of New York State, Inc. organized an virtual conference with sessions on pediatric epilepsy, new therapies, mental health & wellness, and a keynote speaker who is both a father of a child with epilepsy and amazing epilepsy advocate. Watch all the recorded sessions!

Title: SUDEP
Date Recorded: October 2023
SUDEP Researcher David Auerbach, PhD, discusses Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy Patients

Title: Transition to Adult Neurology
Date Recorded: September 2023
Upstate University Hospital Pediatric Neurologist Dr. Nicole Brescia discusses transitioning from pediatric neurology care to adult neurology care.

Title: Driving & Epilepsy
Date Recorded: July 2023
Upstate University Hospital Neurology Dr. Shahram Izadyar discusses the critically important topic of driving when you have the diagnosis of epilepsy.

Title: Epilepsy & Comorbidities
Date Recorded: June 21, 2023
UR Medicine Neurologist Dr. Patrick Rooney discusses other medical conditions that are commonly associated with epilepsy and seizure disorders.

Title: Understanding Your EEG
Date Recorded: March 15, 2023
UR Medicine Neurologist Dr. Deana Bonno explains the electroencephalogram, commonly called an EEG, which is the medical test used to measure electrical activity in the brain and is used in diagnosing epilepsy.

Title: Psychogenic NonEpileptic Attacks (PNEA)
Date Recorded: May 17, 2023
Kelly Nye, PhD of UR Medicine Epilepsy Center explains what psychogenic nonepileptic attacks or seizures (PNEA/PNES) are, common causes of this condition, and how to treat it.

Title: Drug Resistant Epilepsy and Alternative Therapies
Date Recorded: February 15, 2023
Not all people with seizures will have adequate seizure control with anti-seizure medications.

Neurologist Dr. Thomas Wychowski from UR Medicine Neurology provides a detailed discussion what drug-resistant epilepsy is and other available treatment options.

Title: Statewide Epilepsy Coalition Conference
Date Recorded: November 19, 2022
This epilepsy conference brings experts from across the state right to your screen. The information presented is geared toward people living with epilepsy, their family members, and providers.

In addition to medical experts, we are excited to feature Marc Palmieri, a father of a child with epilepsy and author of She Danced with Lightning: My Daughter’s Struggle with Epilepsy and Her Boundless Will to Live.

Title: Psychogenic NonEpileptic Attacks (PNEA)
Date Recorded: October 20, 2020
Pyschogenic attacks look like seizures, but they are caused by psychological factors instead of epilepsy. This doesn’t make them any less real! 

Clinical psychologists Dr. William Watson and Dr. Daniel Millstein from UR Medicine Neurology provide an in-depth discussion on Psychogenic NonEpileptic Attacks. They will explain why they occur, how to work towards healing and recovery, and discuss resources for those diagnosed with PNEA.

Title: Seizure Recognition and First Aid
Date Recorded: October 9, 2020
EPI’s Epilepsy Educators Michael Radell and Kristin Oderkirk provide up-to-date information on epilepsy, seizure types, seizure first aid, and other important information for people with epilepsy, seizures, and their care givers.

Title: Having Epilepsy During a Pandemic. What you need to know.
Date Recorded: May 15, 2020
UR Medicine Neurologist Dr. Inna Hughes and EPI’s Epilepsy Educator Mike Radell discuss having epilepsy during the COVID-19 pandemic. Topics covered include the risk of COVID-19 for people with epilepsy; staying safe as our communities reopen; and community supports & resources.

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