Brain Injury Support Group

EPI is partnering with the UR Medicine Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and the Brain Injury Association of New York State to host its first brain injury support group meeting for both survivors and their loved ones. This support group was created with the intention of strengthening the community of support for all those […]


Epilepsy Medications/Surgery

Join Dr. Thomas Wychowski from UR Medicine Epilepsy Center for an in-depth conversation about current epilepsy treatments.

Ketogenic Diet

Nicole Brescia, a registered dietician from UR Medicine Epilepsy Center, will discuss the benefits and challenges of using the Ketogenic Diet as a treatment for epilepsy and seizures.

Epilepsy in Schools/What is a good Rescue Plan

Pediatric Neurologist Dr. Inna Hughes will share with parents on how to best partner with your child's school in order to keep your child with epilepsy and seizures safe.

Epilepsy Awareness and Advocacy!

EPI Epilepsy Education and Licencsed Social Worker Kristin Oderkirk will provide strategies on how to talk about epilepsy, share your story, and advocate for yourself.

Epilepsy – Seizure types

Dr. Deana Bonno, a neurology from UR Medicine Epilepsy Center, will provide in-depth education on different seizures types.

Epilepsy: When to Disclose

EPI Epilepsy Educator/Camp Director Michael Radell will led an in-depth discussion of when and how to disclose you have epilepsy at work, in relationships, and other situations.

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