Health Homes

Health Homes

EPI provides coordinated services for children and adults with chronic conditions.

Health Homes is Medicaid program designed to coordinate services for people with chronic health problems, to ensure that they receive all the care and support they need to stay healthy. This may include assistance in getting regular care and services from doctors, coordinating with an individual’s providers, finding a safe place to live, and helping with transportation to medical appointments.

In both our Children and Adult Health Home programs, EPI’s Care Managers work with each recipient to:

  • Connect an individual to medical, mental, and behavioral health care, and substance abuse treatment.
  • Coordinate with providers to ensure that everyone involved in a person’s care shares information, understands their personal goals, and is working together to help them achieve them.
  • Work to ensure all needs of a person are met. Our Care Managers connect the children, adults, and families we serve with community resources for housing, food, transportation, education services, employment, and other services.

Health Home Care Managers are trained staff who think about the needs of the whole person, including physical, emotional and social needs. They coordinate all health care services and can provide support in areas such as housing, legal assistance, and helping an individual become involved in social or community activities.


You may be eligible for Health Homes services, if you meet one or more of the following conditions:

  • Required:
    • Medicaid recipient
    • Adult or child residing in Monroe, Genesee, Livingston, Wayne and Ontario counties
  • One or more:
    • Have significant mental illness or serious emotional disturbance
    • Are living with HIV/AIDS
    • Experienced a complex trauma, if under 21
    • Have two or more chronic conditions, such as asthma, diabetes, heart disease, mental health condition, or substance abuse disorder.


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