CNY Neighbors Join Together To Raise Awareness for Epilepsy

Baldwinsville, NY — Dozens put their best foot forward at Abbot Farms to help raise awareness for epilepsy. It’s a disorder that affects more than 3 million people in the U.S.

Empowering People’s Independence hosted a kick-off event with a one-mile group walk to take part in the one in 26 challenge, to help raise awareness for epilepsy. The event is to help raise awareness about the disorder that affects one in 26 people in the United States that develop epilepsy sometime during their lives.

Empowering People’s Independence president, Jeff Sinsebox said, “What we do is education. It is to teach people not to fear what to do, and treatments for epilepsy. People have ideas in their heads that go back hundreds of years. It’s nothing to fear; it’s something that a little bit of education and knowledge can go a long way.”

Some in the community who attended the walk helped them remember those who they lost, like Rob Goslee who lost his son after he had an epileptic episode

Goslee said, “There are rules that he should live by every epileptic should live by. They are never to be left alone. They can never take baths, and Jonathan was left alone.”

Goslee recalled some of the fond memories of his son, like playing a one-on-one basketball match against him after his prom night.

Goslee said, “He beat me two of three that night and it was the greatest experience. He didn’t have all his friends with him, but he went through something deep, emotional, and personal.”

Goslee said people shouldn’t be afraid if they or someone close develops this disorder. He believes events like the walk hosted by empowering people’s independence, honor his son’s legacy and raise awareness.

Goslee said, “if people were more aware of the dangers of epilepsy, it could save lives.”

The proceeds for the event will go to programs and services that provide support to 7 thousand of people in Upstate New York with epilepsy and seizure disorders