Nursing Home Transition/Diversion

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Structured Day/Structured Evening

Our Structured Day Program provides an adult learning setting where individuals are able to participate in meaningful activities and learn life-enhancing skills. Our community-based program provides a fun, individualized, and a structured therapeutic environment in which individuals work in small groups towards the outcomes of their choosing.

Our structured day program has three main components: structured educational and recreational activities, pre-vocational training and volunteering. We have developed core activities as regularly scheduled groups with a curriculum to allow for the structure and repetition necessary for individuals with traumatic brain injuries to learn and grow. Core groups are determined by participants’ interests and their curriculum is driven by our participants’ goals. 

Nursing Home Transition Structured Day / Evening

Social and recreational opportunities are incorporated into all of our activities and are the main focus of our evening program which runs three night each week. Participants in our program actively create the evening program’s calendar which often includes going to the movies, concerts and out to dinner.

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